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Run Route Consulting

Running Arizona offers race route planning, consulting and planning for corporate runs, and run route planning for hotels or resorts (What we like to call concierge service.) in central Arizona (metro Phoenix area) and northeast Florida (along the Atlantic coast from St. Augustine to Amelia Island). See below for more information on these services. Discounts are provided for non-profit organizations.


If you operate a resort or hotel and would like to offer your guests accurately measured running routes from your premises, we can set up a safe run complete with detailed directions from your doorstep. We have created routes for a number of establishments in the Phoenix area, complete with written directions and course maps which may be provided as artwork for your own corporate printer to use or in the form of printed cards ready to distribute to guests who are looking for a run while staying at your establishment.


Running Arizona's coaching team has a considerable amount of experience in planning road races, having scheduled events at one of the oldest resorts in Phoenix to a premier 5-star resort in the desert; from a race through one of Scottsdale's largest parks to creating a 5K race through the Phoenix Zoo, which is now used as the model for 5K races held there. Running Arizona has worked with race directors to create race courses that are unique, safe, and challenging for race participants.

If you are looking for someone to create and plot an accurately measured race course, we can help your event be an event people will want to return to year after year.


If you have any questions regarding any aspect of our Run Route Consulting, please do not hesitate to send an email.

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