Prior to providing virtual training programs, Running Arizona provided weekly group workouts for those training for half and full marathons. We could give you many reasons to join us as you train for a half or full marathon, but we feel that the runners and walkers who participated in our weekend morning group workouts, received weekly emails chock full of information, enjoyed a breakfast in the park while listening to a training clinic, or downed a beer or two after a Wednesday night track workout are much better equipped to let you know if we can provide the right training program for you.

runner 1

​"Thanks again Richard, for the 2015-16 schedule that helped me get through my 12th half marathon - the Rock 'n' Roll Half January 17 in Tempe - although my last half marathon was in 2010!"

Janet Harada

runner 2

“I finished my goal of four 1/2 marathons and four full marathons this year and I finished the SF marathon in 4:55 5 minutes under my goal and at least 20 minutes under my fastest race all year. It was a personal record for me!!! Yahoo. Thanks again for your help! I couldn't have done it without your help and schedules!!”

Tiffany Vines

runner 3

“Thank you Richard for all of your advice and coaching during the past few months. I accomplished a goal of mine that I have had for over 20 years on Sunday and I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I could not have done it without you."

Susan Paul

runner 4

“I had the greatest time before, during, and after the race. I followed your advice to use the port-a-potty before the race, to take it easy at the beginning, and to stay hydrated during the race and take my gels. It seemed effortless and I got caught up in the crowd's energy like everyone else. I never had to walk, except to drink my Cytomax. I would definitely do it again! Thanks to you and Alice (Alice Sauve, Running Arizona's head chef and part-time running coach.) for all your hard work. I appreciate it."

Christine Nagle

runner 5

“Darren, Jayne, Melissa and I all finished our race strong and proud!! We definitely had an awesome time!! Thanks for your words of encouragement and being such an awesome Coach!!!”

Melanie Guerrero

runner 6

“Thanks again to you (Richard) and Jon for such a fantastic season and for sticking with me today during the race. That was a real character builder for me. I really can't thank you and Jon enough for helping me reach my goal of finishing! See you next year!”

Mara Klein

runner 7

“Thanx again for EVERYTHING last weekend and for all of your help with the training etc. I really mean it when I say that I'm not sure I could have done this without you! I'm still riding the high and milking all of the attention for what it's worth! Ha."

Amy Garfield

runner 8

“Wow! We are nearly there! The Mayans were wrong & the big race is really coming. It's been wonderful training with Jon & getting your weekly email. I feel truly prepared for my half-marathon.”

Sadie Myers