As noted on our main Publishing page, we do not accept all work submitted for publication. However, we will review all work submitted which meets the criteria outlined below. Please keep in mind that it may take some time for a response, but we will respond to all queries which are properly submitted. NOTE: Do NOT submit your finished work. Please follow the guidelines below and submit all requested information via email to the following address: The subject line of your submission should be "SUBMISSION - Your Work's Title."

In order for Running Arizona Publishing to consider your work for possible publication, please provide us with the following:

  • Author's Biographical Information
    Include name, email address, your writing credentials and a list of published work, if applicable.

  • Brief Synopsis of Work
    Provide 1 to 3 concise paragraphs of your proposed submission.

  • Nuts & Bolts of Work
    Provide Title, Chapter Outline and Length of Work in number of words.

  • Sample of Writing
    Two sample chapters of your writing.

  • Audience
    Let us know who your target audience is and how your work hits its mark.

  • Similar Works & Unique You
    Note any comparable books to your work, plus what makes your book unique or sets it apart from other works.