Runner Resources

Running Arizona has a number of online resources available to aid those training for long distance races. Through our BLOG we offer Training Tips & Advice and through our Running Links you will find several useful web sites. Where to Run in Arizona provides a list of places to train in Arizona and when you are ready to enter a race we have you covered with a list of races available in Arizona.


Running Arizona has been training adults to run half or full marathons since 2003, with nearly 1,000 runners and walkers crossing the finish line of the races they entered. We have not only provided advice and training tips along the way, but we have learned a good number of tips from everyday people on what works best for them as they train for and compete in long distance races. Our Training Tips and Advice are available free of charge through our web site's BLOG. Please check them out, and feel free to pass along what has worked for you.


If you are looking for information about races held outside the state of Arizona, how to deal with running injuries, details about the next pair of running shoes you will purchase or even a good place to donate your old running shoes, then check out our list of useful web sites.


Whether you live in Arizona or you are just visiting there are many running routes beyond the roadways for you to go for a safe and traffic-free run. For those in the Phoenix area there is even a handy web site with map and distance calculator for your running workouts.


If you are looking for a race to run in Arizona, then check out our listing of current races organized by the month in which the race is held. Have FUN out there.