Running Arizona Publishing provides publishing services - editing, design, printing, consulting - for authors who have an interest in running, or runners who have an interest in being authors. Our publishing division provides what we like to term "semi-self-publishing" services. Unlike a traditional publisher we do request upfront costs from the author, but unlike a vanity press or traditional publisher, ALL royalties and the copyright are retained by the author. Also, unlike vanity presses we DO provide editing and design services. With that in mind, we also do NOT accept all work submitted, but seek to publish work which we feel will be of interest to runners who enjoy reading. 


If you are a writer with a book-length project you want to publish, please check out our Authors and Submissions sections below. If you are interested in writing an essay, short story, poetry or other shorter work, please check out our Running Shorts or Running Mystery sections.

Our first book is not related to running per se, though there are running events in the Olympic Games. Richard Stark's "Office Olympic Games: How to Host the Olympic Games IN Your Office" is available as an ebook through Amazon. Please follow the link at left.

Would you like to share your expertise, insights or thoughts on running? Then check out our Running Shorts. Running Arizona Publishing is looking for previously unpublished writing to include in our anthology on running. We are currently seeking essays, short stories, poems or other written works of 5,000 words or less. Please check out our Running Shorts page for details and how to submit your work.


At Running Arizona Publishing we do like a good mystery. Running itself can be a mystery. You really never know what type of run you will have until your feet hit the ground. It is this idea which will be the driving force in our Running Mystery series. Our goal is to publish a mystery book written by a group of writing runners who want to add a chapter or two to our on-going mystery. For all the details on this project please check out our Running Mystery page.


If you are looking to become a published author, let Running Arizona Publishing help with the publishing, printing and promotion of your work. Follow the link via the typewriter for more information about publishing your work with Running Arizona.


Running Arizona Publishing is currently accepting submissions of previously unpublished writing. Please check out our Submissions requirements by clicking on the "Ready to get published" photo.